Monday, 30 June 2014

Summertime Madness

Its summer oh summer... and I've been crap at posting. But I've been in Singapore; the city of sunnies, spaghetti (tops), sunblock, sandals and sweat.

And whilst I've been here, I've been on trips to KL (Kuala Lumpur) and JB (Johor Baru). It's made me realise how handy my toiletry/makeup/accessory roll up bag has been. Like seriously, I don't even have to unpack anything.

I bought this handy little thing in Stockmann Helsinki, Finland because I was in need (or want) of a makeup bag. It is by Duroy and costs around €20. It's no longer listed in Duroy's catalogue, but it might still be sold at Stockmann and other shop outlets... At the time I bought it, I did think it was pricy. I mean come on, I am student with no other income than my allowance. It was a stab in the leg. (I admit, that has to be the worst metaphor ever).
{My own photoshop/picmonkey creation which took a heck of a lot of time to make}

The first compartment holds all the makeup i brought to Singapore. I really minimised it to the essentials... The second contains perfume, brushes, eyelash curlers, tweezes and other gadgets.. The third has my toothpaste, toothbrush, face creams and other random 'junk I think I need but really don't', sorry I meant beauty products. The third holds all my accessories and a spare deodorant. I really am not a big accessory wearer. I just brought some earrings, a few bangles and necklaces with the occasional ring.

This bag has been so convient when travelling. I can just carry it around wherever without having the hassle of digging through a purse. It's organised (many compartments), waterproof, easy to manoeuvre (compact and can be hanged up or rolled up), an affordable price and is quite easy on the eyes...

{Non photoshopped image of the bag when partially rolled up}

Personally I really love this bag and would recommend purchasing it. You are not limited to using it the same way as I do here, you can use it for solely makeup (1:eyes 2:base 3: lips/cheeks 4: brushes) or accessories (1:earrings 2: bracelets 3:necklaces 4:rings) or you can use it for solely toiletries...

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