Tuesday, 28 October 2014


My ballet mates came up with the idea of going on a diet all together for christmas. The first thought that entered my mind was "Diet?? these girls are already stick thin?!". It was slightly maddening and made the girls which were not so thin, a.k.a me, feel self-conscious. I mean we do dance in freaking leotards. Everything, every little bump of fat, is on highlight.

So I considered the diet. It is based around calorie counting. The plan is to consume three meals a day of 600 calories, with allowance of additional fruit and vegetable snacks. In all, 1800 calories should be consumed each day. In my opinion, this quite mild as 1800 is the minimum daily requirement for teenagers. So it is not 'extreme'-- it is quite safe.

Additionally, we are supposed to eat clean during this time so no fast food, candy, sodas and desserts. This will be the most challenging for me. However I do feel that I will benefit from this restriction. Today, the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar annually; this amounts to 35 kilograms of sugar a year. * This is quite alarming!!!!!

*sigh*... Anyhow I do have some mixed thoughts on this diet... First of all, why are we doing this? To lose weight? To get fit? To have fun?! Personally the reason I would go on this diet would be to lose weight. Let's be honest, it wouldn't hurt to lose a little more (5kgs please?). 

My second doubt was, is 1800 calories enough a day? We dance ballet 4-6 times a week for up to 2.5 hours. Was 1800 calories enough to fuel our energy? I did calculate the amount of calories I needed in a day <<apparently 2900, on days I dance>>. This is a 1100 kcal difference! 0.0^ !!!

My third doubt was that counting calories does not necessarily mean that you are eating healthier or better! I believe in clean eating more than counting calories. I believe in eating as much food as you desire as long as it is natural and healthy, i.e. meat, fruit, vegetables, homemade goods etc.

I was quite skeptical about the diet and did have several discussions with my mum and friends. My mum encouraged me to just try it because she liked the idea of us girls doing something together. I agree, it's nice to do something as a group. I had no doubt we would provide each other support throughout this experiment of sorts. My friends didn't really think it was necessary and didn't understand my motive for this diet. Which to be honest, I skirted around sharing my real reason. For some reason when you say you want to lose weight, hardly anyone is encouraging. Just because I want to lose weight does not mean I am going to become anorexic and starve myself.

*another sigh*

I kept bouncing back and forth between decisions. Should I go on a diet? Should I not? Should I go on a diet? Should I not? I kept going in circles again and again and again..

In the end I decided I would try it out. To see how I would cope.

Currently I am tracking my calories on the app myfitnesspal. There are studies showing that just tracking what you eat everyday helps you lose weight easier. It makes you more conscious of the food you eat, which is never a bad thing. myfitnesspal is easily one of the more audience friendly diet apps. It is also free! Bonus! It hosts a database of millions of food and to log in your entry, you simply have to type which food you eat. myfitnesspal will calculate all the nutritional values for you. I don't need to calculate the amount of calories I ingest everyday, myfitnesspal will calculate it for me.

What surprised me was that the foods I ate on average everyday (before starting the diet), weren't that far off 1800 calories. But maybe this is because I am conscious of what I am eating. Instead of eating some chocolate, I will have a plum. Instead of eating waffles, I will restrain and remind myself that I CAN eat healthy and under 1800 calories!

Regardless of being on a diet or not, I would recommend others to try recording what they eat everyday in myfitnesspal or any other calorie counting app. I was quite astonished to see that my diet consists mainly of carbohydrates!!! Time to eat more veg for me!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

where is the sun?

It's cold in Finland. And only going to get colder as we near the winter seasons. Oh how I wish I was back in Singapore, to feel the sun embrace me.

At the Marina Bay Sands

One's downfall at Marina Bay Sands

Featuring a friend's shoes from Cotton On.

I am going to apologise for the lack of posts during the last 2 months, but I am also going to be providing worthless excuses. Yes I am busy that is established but I am going to try to update as regularly as possible. However, this might not be as frequent as you and I hope due to my studies and the fact that I have to update 4 other blogs for school (Personal Project, French, Husky News and Music). 

Do teachers really think we have tons of spare time?

Please don't answer that.

Of course they do. Yet they give us an abundance of excuses and reasons why they could not mark our essays/tests/investigations and so forth.

I'm complaining as usual. But isn't that what teenagers do? We complain? Don't we? Or am I the only one. This line reminded me of the line sang by John Lennon in Imagine.

Till next time