Wednesday, 6 August 2014

No summer. do not end.

Hi guys, just to clarify, I started writing this post 4 days ago and just finished this today.

Its the end of summer and the rush to get everything done  before leaving the country has begun. I'm leaving Singapore tomorrow and I still have a list of things to buy (things I need in Finland that are way cheaper here; which I do not think is rare for someone living in Finland-- the land of high tax)...

In my list are

- last minute gifts for my friends
- junk food for my brothers to sell at school (don't ask..)
- 10 (maybe more) boxes of contact lenses for the year..
- a Billabong pencil case
- face cream and/or wash
- Nair wax strips

and of course: the list of food I have to eat

- bean curd beancurd beancurd
- satay
- slurpee (cola and green apple mix)
- bubble tea
- teh tarik, teh halia, tea o limau. the list of tehs continues...
- paper tosei
- egg prata and fish curry
- milo dinosaur

I've been in Singapore for a month and a half and I feel like it's been a week or two at most.. It happens every summer at home. There can be no limit on the amount of time you spend with friends and family... And of course with summer concluding, another of school approaches.

This year at school, I will be in grade 10. This practically means PERSONAL PROJECT in the IB. This whole summer I've been stressing on what topic to base my project around. I'm sorry but the IB can be incredibly dense at times. Honestly you give 15-16 year olds a project to do for an entire year (which you now is fine.. its bearable) but then to not give us any limits or restrictions for the topic?! Like what the freaking heck. A boy last year did his project on "why the freaking owner of Manchester United FC should leave". -.- . I don't know..  Right now I'm just feeling stressed but honestly can't be bothered to think about it. I just want to skype my cousins in Singapore (yes at this point of the blog, I'm in Finland).

It's been really frustrating trying to think of a project topic that
1. I'm passionate about
2. Genuinely interested in
3. and has some substantial facts behind it..

I do not want to do a whole project with no substantial and valid information backing it. Gosh, why oh why do the IB NOT have any restrictions! It's so frustrating. I'm frustrated.

Right now I really can't be bothered with it...

bye. love.

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