Thursday, 13 March 2014

Online Love

This is going to be a quick post as I really have to study for my science test tomorrow :/.

Cyber bullying is a topic everyone should be familiar with. Yet we are still victors and victims to it. Why?

Many have the misconception that cyber bullying is "trolling" or "hacking" someone. And yes, they are forms of cyber bullying. But there are also other minor forms that we see every time we log on to social media platforms. They are the "you're so ugly ahha just jk" and "you pig" and "ahaha wtf ur so weird" and "ahah you retard lol". Let's make things clear, adding a :) or jk or lol or ahhaahah DOES NOT make your comment any nicer.

I was thinking about this, and actually grew quite frustrated. This frustration actually motivated me to make some posters. Yes, weird connection but call it my "therapy".

You can see how my rant and my poster relate to each other.

Another poster I made is this beautiful one below. 

How gorgeous. It's my punch of a message wrapped up with a bow. I love how everything is clean and minimalist, a style I've been using in my artworks recently. 

This probably does not qualify as a proper blog post, but I really wanted to share my current thoughts. If anyone is reading...

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